Paul Parker Resume

Curriculum Vitae – Synopsis.

An International teacher of adults, university students and teenagers, I have been teaching since 1990 and taught in the USA from June of 2002 to July 2011. I now teach annually in the USA; since 2014. I taught at an acting school in Japan in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and will teach at two acting schools in Japan in 2016. I also taught at two Universities in China in 2010. I have taught in Australia over many years. I have taught Presenters, especially sports players, AFL (in OZ) & NFL (in the USA), for television and radio since 2002. I have taught business presentation to USA based Corporate company ARF in New York www.thearf.orgreference letter and businessmen in Tokyo, Japan, as well as currently across Australia.


In Japan: Stone Wings Acting School in Tokyo in June 2015, April, 2014 and May 2013.

In the USA: I toured and taught in Los Angeles in May, 2015 and in Los Angeles and New York in 2014. Classes in Los Angeles (4 days worth) were sold out. I was the founder, teacher / lecturer and Artistic Director of AIDA – Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts, June 2002 to July 2011 in Hollywood, Los Angeles and in Manhattan, New York in the USA. I opened a conference with an acting class at International Performing Arts Conference from 2007 to 2011 in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

In China: I taught acting, including On Camera acting, at both Geely University – Beijing, and Hainan University Sanya College, Hainan Province in 2010.

In Australia: Since September, 2014, I have been teaching ongoing master classes and regular classes at the national acting school – TAFTA I have also taught at: RMIT University, Northern Melbourne Institute of Dramatic Arts (TAFE), Australian College of Dramatic Arts, SMB – School of Mines & Industries Ballarat (TAFE), Head of Department – Highvale Secondary College, Victorian Arts Centre – Art Education Program – “Winterarts”.

EDUCATION: I have a Bachelor of Education in Drama / Literature and Language Linguistics from the prestigious Rusden / Deakin University teaching program in Melbourne in 1991.

DIRECTING ACTORS: I have been directing since 1990. Credits in the USA include three AIDA Showcases in 2004, 2005 & 2009 (2009 was a National tour performing in Los Angeles, San Francisco & Off Broadway in New York) , twelve Comedy Review shows in Hollywood in 2005 and 2006 (including at “The Viper Room” on the Sunset Strip) and many A.I.D.A. “Open House” day performances.

Directing credits in Australia include: working as an Assistant Director to Roger Hodgman at Melbourne Theatre Company in “Lady Windermere’s Fan” by Oscar Wilde (with Robyn Nevin, Max Gillies, Gerry Connolly & Frances O’Connor), and at St. Martins Theatre.

ACTING: I acted from 1977 to 2003. I won an NAACP ensemble award for Best Actor as a part of Danny Glover /Ben Guillory’s Robey Theatre Company’s “For the Love of Freedom Part 1” in Los Angeles in 2001.

Television credits in Australian include: – The Sullivans, Neighbours, Full Frontal, Funky Squad, One Step, Two Step, Tickle Under There. Television in the USA – Young & The Restless (with Lauralee Bell). Film in Australia – Eloise (lead role – with Jai Koutrai), The Elixir (with Tiriel Mora, Henri Szeps , Six O’clock Swirl (with Annie Bryon / Jason Clarke), and in America – Brick Island.

I also acted in dozens of theatre shows. In cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Los Angeles. Festivals include: the Adelaide Fringe Festival & the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in Australia.

Curriculum Vitae – Career Summary

Paul Parker Performance Coaching       2012 – ongoing
Private and corporate business coaching as well as actor and presenter coaching on Skype and in person. 2014 clients include CEO’s of companies.

TAFTA –       2014 – ongoing    
Advanced master class teaching and ongoing 20 & 40 week course teaching with this international school in Melbourne, Adelaide & Gold Coast.

RMIT University, Melbourne Australia – 2015       reference letter
Corporate business coaching on the presentation of self in business

Advanced Acting Classes – USA   –   2015
Hollywood, Los Angeles

Stone Wings Acting School, Tokyo Japan.   –    2015     reference letter
Advanced on camera and theatre acting classes

Ascend Feather, Tokyo, Japan.   –    2015     reference letter
Corporate business coaching on the presentation of self in business

Ararat Rural City   –    2014     reference letter    
Adjudicating the “One Act Theatre Play Festival” – Ararat, Victoria.

Advanced Acting Classes   –    2014
Hollywood, Los Angeles & Manhattan, New York
(Los Angeles classes were sold out)

Stone Wings Acting School, Tokyo Japan   –    2014     reference letter
Advanced on camera and theatre acting classes
(Classes were sold out)

Private and grouped ongoing classes   –    2014
Coaching teenagers on presentation and acting skills

Presenting – for both stage and screen    –   2013     reference letter
For example: AFL Footballer Stewart Crameri – in Australia
On camera presenting training for interviews and stories on him for television.

Stone Wings Acting School, Tokyo Japan    –  2013
      reference letter
Australian acting and on camera technique teaching to adults and a day teaching

Ascend Feather, Tokyo, Japan.   –    2013    
reference letter
Teaching businessman on self – presentation and creativity and the use of their voice.

Stawell 502 School, Victoria       2013
On camera acting training based on Government initiative on reducing bullying in schools.

AIDA – Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts – USA       2002- 2011     reference letter  reference letter  reference letter
reference letter  reference letter  reference letter  reference letter
Artistic Director, Lecturer, Teacher, Coach, working with both international and domestic
students in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco. Adults and teenagers.

International Performing Arts Conference – Los Angeles Center Studios, USA       2006 – 2011     reference letter
Teaching a “conference opener” acting class. Industry audience of 2,500 +
Adjudicator of actor competition held in various locations in Los Angeles and
San Francisco, California, USA

Geely University – Beijing, China       2010
Teaching actors Australian acting method and on-camera technique.

University Sanya College – Hainan Province, China       2010
Teaching actors Australian acting method and on-camera technique.

International Professional Actor       1977-2003

Victorian Arts Centre, Art Education Program – Melbourne Victoria       1996     reference letter
“Winterarts” Contract Drama Coach for primary and secondary students in Victoria
and in Albury in New South Wales.

Holmesglen Institute of T.A.F.E. – Melbourne, Victoria       1996     reference letter
(Tertiary and Further Education) Drama / Acting guest lecturer.

Northern Melbourne Institute of T.A.F.E. Victoria       1996 – 1995     reference letter
Drama Teacher/Lecturer for Victorian Certificate of Education/12th year (V.C.E.)
Theatre Studies and Post – Secondary Education, Diploma of Arts for “Small Companies
and Community Theatre”

Australian College of Dramatic Arts, Victoria       1995
Contract acting teacher.

The School of Mines and Industries Ballarat Limited, Victoria       1994     reference letter
Post Secondary Education Lecturer/Teacher for Associate Diploma of Arts for “Small
Companies and Community Theatre”

Highvale Secondary College, Victoria       1992     reference letter
Head of Department – Drama Department.

The Victorian Center for Youth Arts – St. Martins Theatre, Victoria       1991-1990     reference letter

Curriculum Vitae – Education

NIDA –National Institute of Dramatic Art       1994
(Directors Workshop, Winter Program)

Deakin University, Victoria College – Rusden       1991
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Drama, Literature and Language Linguistics
Accomplishments: Two – High Distinctions (A + ) & Eleven – Distinctions (A)

Curriculum Vitae – Memberships

Victorian Institute of Teaching (Australia)        2011 – present

AAA – American Australian Association (USA)       2004 – 2010

Australians In Film – Los Angeles, CA       2002 – 2010

Australians in Los Angeles (USA)       2006 – 2010

B.A.F.T.A. Los Angeles –British Academy of Film and Television Arts –       2001 – 2011
(British Academy Awards Voting Member) (USA)

SAG – Screen Actors Guild (USA)       2001 – 2011

AFTRA – American Federation of TV & Radio Arts (USA)       2001 – 2011

MEAA – Media Media Entertainment Arts Alliance, Australia       1979 – 2000

Begonia Festival Board of Management, Australia       1994

Ballarat Arts Industry Board of Management, Australia       1994

Heidelberg Theatre Company       1979 – 1989

Curriculum Vitae – Board Management

Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts (AIDA)       2002 – June 2011
Chairman of the Board overseeing the growth, stability and curriculum, with particular focus on post secondary courses – Diploma of Arts and Bachelor of Arts.

Curriculum Vitae – Head Of Department

Australian Institute Dramatic Arts (AIDA) – USA       2002 – 2011
Artistic Director / Head Coach

Highvale Secondary College – Victoria, Australia       1992
Head of Drama Department

Curriculum Vitae – Direction


AIDA Showcases       (2009 National Tour in the USA)       2004 – 2009

AIDA Comedy Shows       Los Angeles, CA, USA       2005 – 2006

Lady Windemere’s Fan       Melbourne Theatre Company       1995     reference letter
Assistant Director to Roger Hodgman

Ringside       Begonia Festival Street Theatre       1995

Clean Up Australia Day       Street Theatre       1994

Walk Against Want Community Aid Abroad – Street Theatre       1994

Street Theatre Activations       Sovereign Hill Historical Park       1994

Red Riding Hood       Highvale Secondary College       1992

Whose Home Is It?       Highvale Secondary College       1992

Whose Home Is It?       St. Martins – The Victorian Centre For Youth Arts       1992

The House Project       St. Martins – The Victorian Centre For Youth Arts       1992


Paul has empowered and guided dozens of students to develop feature and       2002 – present
short films, television pilot shows and webisodes.

CURRICULUM VITAE – Teaching success in the USA:

Please click here to go Paul’s students’ International Movie Database pages

CURRICULUM VITAE – A Sample of SAG – AFTRA – AEA students winning awards in the USA:


Victoria Englemeyer       Rising Star Award       Shocker Fest 2008
Michelle Massey              Best Lead Actress       AOF Film Fest, Pasadena
Ivan Butcher                    Best Union Actor       2006 Reel Actors Film Festival
Ivan Butcher                    Best Actor Nominee (Shank 101)       Method Fest Film Fest 2006
Cyanne McClairian        (lead: welcome Home) Best Horror   Short Chicago Reel Shorts Festival
Ayla Rose Barreau         (lead: Busker)     Best Filmmaker & Best Film Nominee NH Film Festival
Sonja Fisher                    October Actress of the Month       IFA
Jai Koutrae                     (lead: Death’s Requiem)       SAG Best Actor in Short Film  Method Fest Film
Naama Kates                  Best Actress Who is Chloe       Los Angeles Movie Awards 2012
Naama Kates                  Best Lead Actress Who is Chloe       Indie Fest 2012
Gerald Webb                  Best Actor       Burbank International Film Festival 2013
Yolanda Romersa          Best Actress       World Music and Independent Film Festival Washington DC 2013