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“I highly recommend Paul Parker to assist and coach you in achieving excellent presentation skills for you in your business.

Paul is an amazing teacher and coach. I worked with Paul for about 3 years. He is very patient and gives personal attention to each of his students. He genuinely cares for you as a person and wants you to excel and achieve all of your dreams.

Since working with Paul, I have become more confident and have had vast improvement with my breathing and my voice delivery. I have also become more relaxed on camera as Paul pointed out the mannerisms and things on camera that didn’t show well and now I am much more aware of these things and have corrected them which has improved my performance.

At work, my sales presentations have greatly improved using his techniques. To achieve excellence in speaking, Paul Parker is the best coach you could have. His techniques have definitely done wonderful things for me.” – Dr. Sonja Fisher Practice Architect at Trace3

“Paul Parker is a very capable teacher who instills confidence and skills in those wishing to become more efficient and effective presenters. He helps speakers improve the manner in which their audiences view them as being both qualified and well focused. By providing useful insights from his years of training actors, Paul transforms the challenge of having to give presentations into enjoyable opportunities for helping others to learn. I highly recommend Paul as a coach for aspiring presenters.” Dr. John Martin

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Client Dr. Zac Turner  is currently recurring on “The Today Show”. I have trained Dr Zac weekly since September 2016. Here are some links to some of his work:

“I want to thank Paul Parker for the enormous support, instruction and mentoring he has provided me the past months. From the first lesson I have been impressed with his style and method of teaching and even though as a beginner to the world of performance/acting coaching I immediately found his tips applicable and in many ways almost comforting – especially around being present and centred. His ability in my case to assess my on-camera work and develop and tweak has been integral I believe to my improvement to date. I’m excited about where I will be in a year with Paul and love his enthusiasm for every little success”. Dr ZAC TURNER  MBBS B.Rn Bio.Sci

RMIT University – Melbourne, Australia    reference letter/quotes

“They reckon one guy who found his true divinity could walk on water.  Well, Paul Parker Performance Coaching taught me to walk on words. Paul combines physiology, psychology and technique to make anyone look good both on and off camera.

After 30 years working in education, the media and government I was confident in public speaking but had no idea how to present myself on-camera.  Even more importantly, Paul has had not only a huge impact on my professional presentation skills but also a dramatic affect on my own health by improving my breath, relaxation, pitch, tone, presence and vocal strength.

My work with Paul has given me confidence to produce a series of videologs for my business Kreative Konnections.” – Vincent Ryan, Founder and Director Strategy and Communications, Kreative Konnections:

“As business owner and winner of the National Winner of the Telstra Business awards I am often ask to present on an off camera. I recently worked with Paul to help me present more confidently and professionally over a period of four month. Paul’s framework, the 10 categories of growth, helped me explore a wide variety of skills in particular working on breathing, how to stand comfortably, how to avoid tension, vocal pitch, tone, projection and vocal strength. We also looked and worked on my accent reduction, creativity and improvisation skills. Paul’s ability to meet my individual requirements and to adjust his program accordingly helped me to get better and more comfortable in presenting. I can recommend Paul Parker highly to everyone who want to become powerful at presenting on and off camera”.
– Melanie Summer – Owner and Director of Younique Real & Natural .


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“Paul Parker assisted my transition from American Football into professional acting by bridging the gap of understanding.  Understanding the fundamentals of on-camera training is critical in forging the careers actors aspire to.  Finding the truth in the eyes, the simplicity of real thought and an honest reaction to what is heard are the principles that Paul allows you to discover, in your own time.  I recommend, as an athlete looking for a voice beyond the jersey, that you trust your natural instincts and commit to a craft that can be understood through what Paul Parker teaches”. – Karnell Matthews.

“Matthews, a former University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cornhusker, transferred his consistency on the football field to organizing his acting career. Since moving to L.A. six years ago, he’s booked leading roles in the independent films Death Cab for Cutie, Voyeur, and Blind. He also has extensive training with highlights including ……….. one year, with the Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts”. Backstage West Newspaper, Los Angeles – Nov ember 5th, 2006. To read full article click here


“I have had the privilege to experience nine classes over two months of working with Paul Parker. I employed Paul and he worked with me on my interviewee and presentation skills for media, in particular, for my television show appearances.

Paul’s knowledge in this area was huge. He began by tapping into the analysis of my work done to date and then he formed topics in which we would tackle together. Paul got to know me very well and very quickly, he was always a few steps ahead in what to teach me, that is, look and sound good on camera in television interviews.

Paul’s work on camera, working on the verbal and non – verbal communication was profound. He uses and teaches what he calls “The Ten Categories of Growth” for presenters and people being interviewed. When I watched my final versions of the scenes we had been working on – on camera, I could see vast improvement and how professional I was looking and sounding.

Paul contacted me out of class time and encouraged me and checked up on me regarding my homework between classes. As a teacher to work with, I cannot rate Paul Parker higher”. Stewart Crameri – current AFL footballer